BirdBox Film Club: Championing Womens’ Voices In Film

BirdBox - Championing Women's Voices In Film

In association with Birdbox.film, the ‘Championing Womens’ Voices In Film’ event consists of an all-female panel being hosted by Urvisha from the Big Picture Film Club discussing key issues facing women in the film industry. The event will take place Wednesday 7th April, 7:30pm BST and aims to shine a spotlight on the women making films in modern Britain, talking about the challenges you have faced in succeeding (and even existing) within the industry. Also, the event will also explore how the change of culture in the last few years has affected the film industry and women’s roles within it, as well as looking at the consequences of COVID-19 for film-makers everywhere. And finally, maybe most importantly, what can we do as individuals and companies to create a more level playing field for people of all genders and backgrounds to enter and succeed in the creative industries.

The panelist include: Actor/Producer, Sadie Frost; Filmmaker & Actor, Jane Gull; Executive Producer & Financier, Kirsty Bell; Artist & Costume Designer, Trinity Tristan; Producer & Director, Victoria Thomas.

Register for the online event here.

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