What to Watch When Cinemas Reopen

Movies To Be Released May 2021

After months of enjoying films from our homes, cinema lovers can finally rejoice, as (with luck) on May 17th UK cinemas can reopen. Meaning we can once again enjoy communal film experiences. That said, what movies should we watch upon our return to theatres?

With just over a month to go let’s have a look at some of the movies that are showing when the UK’s big screens reopen. What their stories will be and what makes them worth going to see?

Spiral: From the book of Saw (17th May)

A police veteran and two detectives investigate a series of murders that look familiar to some prior cases. Soon, however, the killer begins targeting one of them as part of a dark game.

17 years after the Saw franchise began Spiral is aiming to give the series a revival. Its cast will be led by Chris Rock playing against type in a more serious role (he also pitched the idea for the film’s story), alongside the brilliant Samuel L. Jackson. Series stalwart Darren Lynn Bousman is also returning to direct, meaning Spiral is sure to continue Saw’s energetic dark visual style. This mixture of unique style with a fresh cast and story possibilities will satisfy Saw die-hards and casual audiences alike. And the big screen will only enhance the film’s atmosphere. So horror lovers go and give Spiral a watch when cinemas reopen.

Chris Rock plays Detective Zeke Banks in Spiral // Credit: Lionsgate

The 8th (25th May)

This documentary charts the 35-year struggle of many dedicated female activists in Ireland as they fought to change the 8th amendment, which effectively banned abortions.

The 8th feels particularly timely given recent news stories regarding women’s rights and safety. And from all indications, The 8th will be full of both insight and emotional depth. As filmmakers, Aideen Kane, Lucy Kennedy, and Maeve O’Boyle, who themselves lived under the shadow of the effects of the amendment in Ireland, dive deep into the debate around the amendment. Looking at both sides but mostly focusing on those leading the charge on the pro-choice side and the ray of hope the campaign provides to the world at this moment. The subject matter of The 8th is very important right now. And a cinema screening will only add to the film’s power.

An important look into the fight for reproductive rights in The 8th // Credit: Together Films

In the Heights (25th Jun)

Over the course of three days in Washington Heights, a number of characters’ lives are charted. Including bodega owner, Usnavi, who is saving up all he can in the hopes of one day making a better life.

After the success of Hamilton last year, another filmed adaptation of a Lin-Manuel Miranda musical is something that everyone should be wanting. With catchy tunes, beautiful visuals, a story that celebrates Latinx culture, and a talented cast and crew In The Heights will surely be a wonderful time. But for the best experience, nothing is going to compare to hearing these songs on cinema speakers.

A colourful celebration of Latinx culture in In The Heights // Credit: Warner Bros

Another Round (25th Jun)

Four teachers decide to try an experiment and see if they can improve their lives by making sure they have a constant level of alcohol in their blood.

Another Round’s intriguing premise and the fact that it has been nominated for several Oscars this year, including best international film and best director is alone enough reason to recommend seeing it. But because it reteams acclaimed director Thomas Vinterberg with the incredibly talented Mads Mikkelsen, who both worked together on the masterpiece The Hunt, Another Round becomes something that must be seen on big screens when they reopen. Purely because of the calibre of their work.

The amazing Mads Mikkelsen reteams with Thomas Vinterberg for Another Round // Credit: StudioCanal

Fast and Furious 9 (8th Jul)

A new threat emerges to try and destroy Dom and his team’s idyllic existence. That threat is a man who happens to be the most skilled driver and assassin that the group has encountered yet. Dom’s brother, Jakob.

Of all the delayed blockbuster releases Fast and Furious 9 looks like one of the most fun. The franchise continues its ever-increasing tongue-in-cheek comic-book-esque silliness by resurrecting Sung Kang’s Han and having Dom’s brother Jakob (played by the ever-fun John Cena) be a supervillain joining with Cipher from Fate of the Furious. Justin Lin is also coming back to the director’s chair. He previously directed Fast Five. One of the most acclaimed Fast and Furious films. All these ingredients indicate Fast and Furious 9 will be an overblown, well-made, cheesy, good time made for a day out with friends. Which is something we could all use right now.

Dom and the gang return to face a new threat // Credit: Universal Pictures

And those are just a few films that will be coming out when cinemas reopen. Are you looking forward to any of these releases and are you ready to head back to the cinema? Please let us know and remember to stay safe.

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