About Us

“From blockbusters to independent cinema, we connect films with diverse audiences, bringing value to the viewing experience through meaningful conversation and interaction.”

– Presh Williams & Urvisha Patel, Co-Founders


Big Picture Film Club connects audiences with great films. Founded in 2015, we are an events, media publishing and marketing consultancy company. Our purpose is to build communities by creating conversations around films that impact the social/cultural/political aspects of society.

A duo of college friends were brought together with the desire to see new stories and find characters we could identify with. Our team has grown to include a team of writers from across the world, who bring their own distinctive experiences, ideas and style to the platform.

Throughout the week you’ll find content including film reviews, interviews, and articles all created in-house by our team of talented writers. We also have our own forum where like-minded film fans can unite to chat about all things film.

We’ve established a number of partnerships over the years, working with distributors and brands of all sizes. We curate programmes and promote films by working with filmmakers and distributors along with theatre and cinema chains, creating experiences around film through exhibitions and media content. We currently have a nationwide partnership with Odeon Cinemas, curating screenings for their We Are Diverse program. 

Based in London with a global writing team speaking to multiple audiences, we believe films speak to us all no matter the genre or language. We want to make movies matter.

Vision & Mission

We want to build communities around films that go beyond the screen, that are insightful and compelling because we believe films have the power to transform perspectives and reach audiences in an emotional way. 

Big Picture Film Club supports democracy in its entirety including diversity, equality, equity, and inclusion. We firmly condemn all forms of prejudice: racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, religious intolerance, and all forms of discrimination, as well as authoritarian regimes, war, and the exploitation of human and animal rights.

We exist to provide space of equal value to all global majority groups and discover new film talent. Our mission is to amplify the voices and stories of the global majority through film exhibitions and experiences. Tapping into niche audiences by speaking directly to them through meaningful content, and creating synergies to ignite purposeful conversations and inspire positive change.

Our Services

Visit our services page to find out more information about how we can work with you to connect your film with the right audience.

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