Watch Now: Cinnect’s Disruptive Film Technologies Panel At LIFF 2022

Cinnect - Film Panel at The London Independent Film Festival

Big Picture Film Club / Cinnect hosted a panel at this year’s London Independent Film Festival discussing how filmmakers can utilise new technologies at each stage of the film process: from pre-production to distribution.

We would like to thank our fellow panellists for taking part: Mahesh Ramachandra, Co-Founder, Smash Media; Craig Heyworth, Co-Founder, Filmd; Craig Roberts, Co-Founder, Filmd; Nick Sadler, Producer & Talent Executive, First Flights (Goldfinch).

You can watch the full panel discussion below.

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Presh Williams

A lover of all types of films: from micro-budget indies to major studio films. It's the story that counts. Co-Founder of Big Picture Film Club and Cinnect.