BirdBox Film Club: Diversity In Media – 18th May 2021

Diversity In Media - Femi Oyeniran

In the latest instalment of Birdbox.Film Club panel discussions, we will be debating on Diversity in Media – Has Anything Actually Changed?

We have seen a wealth of new initiatives springing up from organisations and content creators in hopes of balancing out the disparities identified to improve diversity and inclusion within the creative sectors. However, we want to get to the root of whether real change is finally happening and discuss what more can & needs to be done to push forward and ensure everyone has a voice!

Join the conversation on Wednesday 19th May 2021 at 7:30pm (GMT) when we will be talking to our carefully selected panel of talented people about their experiences in the creative industries. Panelist include:

  • Femi Oyeniran (Actor, Director)
  • Victoria Emslie (Actor & CEO, Primetime)
  • Ola Labib (Comedian)
  • Fredi Nwaka (Director & Actor)
  • Leo Anna Thomas (Wellbeing Facilitor)

Register for the virtual event here.

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