Who Will Replace Ezra Miller As The Flash?


While the Flash may be the fastest man alive, the road to a feature film clearly isn’t. Announced way back in 2014 and scheduled for 2018, it has now been delayed four times. Currently set for release in June 2023, almost 10 years after it was announced, it’s got a big problem- Ezra Miller. After a couple of cameos in DC films and a major role in Justice League, the character is all set for his solo film. Zack Snyder’s cut expanded Flash’s role and teased the speedforce.

After a few false starts production on the film finally got underway. Current reports suggest that the film is over 90% completed, and seems on track to hit its current release date. But there’s one big problem looming over it. The Flash himself…

We Need To Talk About Ezra

Ezra Miller appeared as the Flash in several DC films, notably Justice League // Credit: WB/DC 2017
Ezra Miller appeared as the Flash in several DC films, notably Justice League // Credit: WB/DC 2017

Ezra Miller (who identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns) has been involved in several alleged criminal incidents over the years. First breaking out in We Need To Talk About Kevin, the star then went on to feature in The Perks of Being A Wallflower. During the filming of the latter, they were charged with drug possession, but instead faced two counts of disorderly conduct. A relatively minor offence, and was not looked on harshly. Miller continued to appear in various projects, including the Fantastic Beasts franchise, started a band, and became an ambassador for Greenpeace.

As Miller’s role in The Flash thrust them into the spotlight, more press interviews came, leading to this one where they give an in-character interview as Toadette. They were also interviewed by a child activist: Gibson (formerly Tokata) Iron Eyes, who Miller had met during a protest. The actor talked about sexual harassment in several interviews and offers to show the crossbow from We Need To Talk About Kevin. In 2020 a video surfaced of them strangling a woman. No charges were brought and Miller has never commented on the incident. At the start of 2022, they posted a rant aimed at an alleged chapter of the Klu Klux Klan

Later in the year, they were arrested for throwing a chair and threatening a woman in Hawaii. Perhaps most seriously they have been accused of grooming and endangering a child. Miller allegedly supplied Iron Eyes with LSD, Marijuana, and alcohol during their friendship. A court has been unable to locate Miller, with the actor posting a bizarre video on their Instagram before deactivating it.


Both Dylan O'Brien (Left) and Grant Gustin (Right) have been suggested as replacements // Credit: The Direct, 2022
Both Dylan O’Brien (Left) and Grant Gustin (Right) have been suggested as replacements // Credit: The Direct, 2022

Warner Brothers has officially “paused” all projects featuring the star, with the main two being The Flash and any potential Fantastic Beasts 4. With The Flash almost finished it is unlikely that they will reshoot. Miller is reportedly in most scenes, sometimes as multiple characters. So what could they do? Many fans have expressed a desire to see the role recast, with Grant Gustin, who plays the character in the Arrowverse, in the film. If the role is to be recast, it would likely be for future projects or a plot point towards the end of the film. Recasting would require a lot of time and money, as well as having to get actors back (such as Micheal Keaton, reprising his role as Batman).

If they choose not to recast, WB really only has two options. Either release the film or don’t. The film isn’t due for release until 2023, so it’s possible they’re hoping the situation calms down and that it impacts the box office so much, although any press tour would likely be very awkward. To not release the film in theatres, would also be a massive waste, and potentially lead to another Snyder Cut situation. If Miller decides to get help, it could lead to a delay but would mean that the film would not have a huge cloud hanging over it, and its star would be front and centre.

The film is still a way off, so there is still time for the situation to change, but hopefully, it works out for the best, for fans as well as everyone involved.

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