I’ve Finished Filming My Movie, What Should I Do Now?

Movie Clapper, Award and Popcorn

So, you’ve just wrapped on your movie. Congratulations! It’s an incredible achievement to complete your movie. Just like a marathon, it involves immense creative endeavour and emotional commitment. So what happens next? 

Which film festivals should I submit to? How do I get someone to distribute my movie? Are they trustworthy? Can I distribute my movie myself? What do I need to do legally to protect myself? I’ve won festival awards, but I don’t know what to do next…? How do I market and publicise my film? 

Sound familiar? We’ve heard these questions and more over the last 10 years working with independent filmmakers on release campaigns and marketing strategies, events and distribution. As Big Picture Film Club, we’ve worked with independent filmmakers, production companies and distributors of all sizes from large distributors such as Paramount Pictures & Dogwoof to independent, boutique distributors. Audience development is a big part of what we do as Big Picture Film Club, and since 2020, we have partnered with Odeon Cinemas (AMC UK) to programme for We Are Diverse Cinema – working on over 20 UK-wide theatrical release campaigns to date. 

But making the film is only half the battle. It will take a completely different set of skills and determination to navigate the ever-changing film industry so you can bring your film to market. Although it’s becoming an increasingly challenging environment for independent filmmakers, we’re here to share some of our expertise and experience to ensure you have practical ways to give your film the best chances for distribution. 

The Co-Founders of Big Picture Film Club Presenting the Cinnect Platform at Cannes Film Festival

Preparation at pre-production

A lack of preparing all the necessary materials can impact the ultimate goal of distribution. Many of the issues faced by filmmakers are, in part, due to issues not fully addressed at the pre-production stage: having a pitch deck and media pack that best sells your film, an appropriate marketing budget, festival and distribution strategy, how to market yourself within the industry and the market research into the most receptive audiences for your film. If those points haven’t been fully addressed at the pre-production stage, then the sooner they can be addressed post-production the more time, money and resources can be saved for things that will actually help you push forward your project’s release.

The film industry is a business.

No matter how creative, unique, or brilliant your film project is, failing to understand the business side of the industry can adversely impact not only distribution but long-term success. Important elements that make up the business of your film:

  • Financial planning.
  • Marketing strategy.
  • Distribution strategy.
  • Value proposition.

Common mistakes can be avoided.

It’s easy to forget the little details, but it’s those details that make all the difference and where you’ll find clarity in how you approach distribution opportunities.

  • Poor festival/go-to-market strategy: entering film festivals for vanity’s sake rather than a focused go-to-market strategy
  • Having the right assets: planning what assets you’ll need to develop your marketing strategy
  • Not understanding your film’s value proposition: validating your creative idea and financial viability

The business side of film can be a lot to navigate through, so we’re here to help. Cinnect combines decade-long experience working in distribution and audience development with the understanding of how the film industry operates to help equip filmmakers with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to drive their creative vision forward in a way that saves you time, money, and energy.

Find clarity and peace of mind with practical and actionable advice by booking a with us, where we will walk you through:

  • how to package your film correctly.
  • validate your value proposition.
  • develop a distribution strategy specific to your film project.

We’ll provide a summary so you can leave the session with confidence and a better understanding of how to create a plan of action and what next steps you need to take.

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