Why We Built Cinnect: A New Platform For Film & TV Content Distribution

Cinnect - Film & TV Distribution Platform

Expanding Big Picture Film Club

Big Picture Film Club started in 2015 with a straightforward mission: to find films that we wouldn’t usually see in the cinema and create an event where we can watch them with friends. Since starting our first events we’ve had the privilege of working across the film sector: from a U.K-wide screening programme with Odeon Cinemas to producing a wide array of events and interviews with people within the film & TV industry. However, early into our journey, we started to see a disconnect between the great films our audience and ourselves have been exposed to from both emerging and independent filmmakers and the limited options people had to distribute their films, particularly after their film festival run. How could we help filmmakers expand the reach of their films? Why are there limited opportunities for broadcasters and streamers to get the right film & TV content? How can we make the distribution of films simpler? These were some of the questions we were asking ourselves. And from these questions and crowdsourcing opinions from people at every level of the film industry we developed our new platform, known as Cinnect.

Cinnect Co-Founders Presh Williams (far left) and Urvisha Patel(far right) hosting a panel on disruptive film technologies at the London Independent Film Festival // Credit: Vincenzo Albano @vincenzo.albano.photo

Introducing Cinnect

Our vision for Cinnect is to create a platform that allows the owners of film & TV content to directly distribute their content to buyers from all around the world in a way that is easy and transparent. There are many aspects of a filmmaker distributing their film, both within your own country and outside your own national borders, and we wanted to reduce those barriers that prevent great content from reaching new audiences. We’ve built a number of features on our platform to help make the journey of film & TV distribution simpler: such as the ability to securely see or send film & TV screeners, make legal agreements within the platform, video conference with other users, send and receive payments and intuitively submit your content to prospective buyers. Alongside this, we are working strategically with different service providers and film festival partners to deliver a truly unique platform.

The journey so far

With the platform nearing its release, we’ve already had over 100 companies from over a dozen countries sign up. This includes film companies not only from right here in the U.K but as far afield as South Korea, Australia, U.S, Canada, Italy, France and more. We’re continuing to build more partnerships by the day and from the initial response, we’re very excited to see what the future holds for independent films.

If you’re filmmaker or production company and want to distribute your content on Cinnect you can sign up below, alternatively, book a demo call with us to have a walkthrough of the platform and discuss how we can help you.

What Is Cinnect?

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