Star Wars: Ahsoka – What You Need To Know

Ahsoka is the latest show set in the Star Wars Galaxy. Featuring several characters making their live-action debut, and picking up plot threads from other shows. Even if you’ve kept up with the other Disney+ shows and films, you still might be a little confused, as the show draws from several elements of Expanded Media. The Force is connected to all living things, and most Star Wars media connects to others, so if you’re not a die-hard and don’t have time to catch up, here are the basics.

Beware Spoilers for Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels

“I’m not so bad am I?”

Ahsoka and her master Anakin Skywalker, prepare for a mission // Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm 2020

Ahsoka Tano first appeared in the Clone Wars film, way back in 2008. A prelude to the animated series of the same name (not to be confused with the other Star Wars: Clone Wars) it is set in the galaxy-wide conflict between Attack of the Clone and Revenge of the Sith. Introduced as an apprentice to Anakin Skywalker, the two initially have a rather tense relationship, but bond over the course of the film and early seasons. She was met with a poor reception, as Ahsoka and the film itself were not popular among the fans at first.

As the series goes on, Ahsoka begins to take more of a starring role. Getting much more time to develop and being on equal footing with characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. As she grows up and matures, so does the show, with her being at the centre of some of the most beloved story arcs. Ahsoka became central to the show as well as to Anakin’s fall to the dark side. During the series, Ahsoka is wrongfully accused of bombing the Jedi temple. Anakin clears her name, but the events make Ahsoka question her place in the order and leave – a Jedi no more. The final episodes see her take centre stage as she battles Darth Maul, explaining her absence in Revenge of the Sith.

“I am no Jedi”

Ahsoka is played by Rosario Dawson in her live-action appearances after fan art appeared online. (Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm 2023)
Ahsoka is played by Rosario Dawson in her live-action appearances after fan art appeared online. (Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm 2023)

Although not a main character, Ahsoka plays an important part in Star Wars: Rebels. Acting as an agent for the Alliance, she often does missions with the crew of the Ghost, including Hera Syndulla, Sabine Wren and Ezra Bridger. During an epic confrontation with Darth Vader, she discovers the fate of her old master. Her whereabouts for the rest of the series, and the original trilogy are still a mystery. Ahsoka later turns up at the very end of Rebels, in a scene set after Return of the Jedi.

During the events of the finale, the Ghost crew attempt to free Lothal, Ezra’s homeworld, from Imperial rule under Grand Admiral Thrawn, a ruthless tactician. Knowing they cannot beat Thrawn, Ezra uses the Force, and his unique affinity with the whale-like Purgill to transport Thrawn’s ship far away, with him on it. After the Empire is defeated, Ahsoka sets out to find Ezra, after he saves her from Vader, with the help of Sabine.

Ahsoka’s quest has led her to cross paths with the Mandalorian and Grogu, as well as meeting up with Luke Skywalker, but now she’s finally getting her own series, she could be going anywhere, even another galaxy…

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