COVID-19 In Movies: Five Films About The Virus That Shook The Earth

Breaking Social Distancing - COVID-19 Film

Re-watching our favourites via Amazon Prime, discovering new movies via Disney+ and organizing Netflix watching parties seem to be our everyday life now. While we’re in the grip of the Coronavirus, it seems that we’re looking for comfort in movies. However, people also look at it the other way around. Filmmakers use the current social climate as an inspiration for the next movie. Here are five movies about the virus that’s making the world coming to a temporary standstill.

Breaking Social Distancing

These days wanting to spend time with friends and family means that you have to come up with an enormous creative way of communicating. Whether it’s setting up a Zoom meet up with ten friends, a Whatsapp video call with your parents or a Messenger call with brothers and sisters, technology has never come handier then now. Friends Michelle (Lauren Compton) and Jason (Joe Daru) decided to go old school and to make a regular phone call. One that doesn’t only end with them reconnecting over the phone but also in real-life. What follows is an evening that can hopefully only happen during a lockdown.

Axia wasn’t only the director of this movie but also the cameraman, director of photography, editor, etc. He did a marvellous job as this short film oozes that typical Hollywood vibe: Colourful, witty, funny and over-the-top. The colours might seem a little bit too fabricated but for some reason, they fit perfectly with the storyline. A story that’s becoming more fun thanks to the entertaining performance of Daru and the uplifting acting of Compton.

Breaking Social Distancing

Left Behind

Saying goodbye is never easy but when you’re surrounded by the people you love, it might be a little bit easier. Sadly, that latest isn’t possible due to the virus. However, that didn’t stop Diogo Caramujo to speak his boy and his wife one more time. In the short sci-fi film Left Behind, we hear his final goodbye. After sacrificing himself so that his loved ones could go to a non-contagious place, he’s speaking to his family and the public. He hopes that his sacrifices will be for nothing. The most important lesson we can get from this short film is without a doubt that we can’t take this planet for granted. Surely that’s something we all realize by now.

If not, then director Diogo Caramujo (yep, that name sounds familiar, right?) will make you aware of it with this captivating and intriguing “Left Behind”. For some of us, our lives feel like a sci-fi story right now but let’s hope we will never become as estranged and isolated as the man in this movie.

Left Behind (Short Film)

Corona Movie

Being stuck in a crowded elevator is never pleasant. There’s always the fear, uncertainty, and anger. If you add Coronavirus to that, you don’t only get an even more agitated situation but also the latest film from writer/director/producer Mostafa Keshvari. His Corona Movie tells the story of six people stepping into the same elevator, that gets stuck. At first, there’s the disbelief and slight panic and when coughing comes in and the word ‘Corona’ is mentioned, things are getting worse. What started as a normal elevator ride will turn into something else. In what? Well, that’s for you to discover in this gripping and extraordinary film. The fact that this film was shot in one take brings that tense and heated element to life.

Corona Movie (Short Film)

End of the world?

It was announced that air pollution declined massively because of the Coronavirus. It seems that the virus is the cure to the sickness of the Earth, right? Well, according to Dushyant Kapoor and his latest short film, that’s the case. In End of the World?, he shows us two extremely eye-opening instances in which it’s clear that humans might be indeed the reasons why nature suffers and how that (indirect) affects future generations. Whether it’s not having access to basic needs or monumental buildings being torn apart by the force of nature, the people aren’t entirely as innocent as we seem.

Corona: End Of The World? (Short Films)

Coronavirus: The Movie

Last but not least, there’s Coronavirus: The Movie, a short film by director Blake Ridder. We follow the story of Steven Ping, a man living in the UK who travelled to Wuhan to celebrate Chinese New Year. Sadly, for him, there wasn’t a cause for celebration when he got back. What started with him having a fever ended in getting the confirmation that no one wanted to hear: He tested positive for COVID-19. Will he be able to beat the disease or will he become one of the terrible statistics? If there’s one film that might make you even more paranoid, anxious or panicky about the virus, then it’s this one, especially because of all the coughing.

Coronavirus: The Movie (Short Film)

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