Big Picture Film Club Presents: Pushed To The Edge

Big Picture Film Club Presents: Pushed To The Edge

Big Picture Film Club is back! Pushed To The Edge is a collection of six independent short films, ranging from dark comedy to psycho-drama, all detailing the lives of people in extraordinary situations pushed to their limit. Here’s a list of the films we will be screening:

* 1500 Words (Dir. Andrew Chaplin): 1500 Words is the dark and comedic tale of one man’s struggle to keep his relationship, and himself alive whilst using his final one thousand five hundred words. When everyman Stanley Franks goes to his doctor to receive his test results, he’s told the brutal and surprising news of how long he has left to live. Shell-shocked and overwhelmed Stanley has to work out pretty quickly how to adapt to life with his new restrictive affliction. Life will never be the same again… or will it?

* Lifeline (Dir. Sam Jones): Lifeline is a BFI funded short film, from the 17-year-old director, Sam Jones, which follows a mother in a desperate mother risking everything to provide a final lifeline for her son. In raising the stakes, by putting lives on the line, Beth’s selflessness and need to care for her son is truly challenged whilst trying to protect her son.

* Listen To Me (Dir. Rob Ayling): This intense drama follows a young musicologist, who suspects her next door neighbour is in an abusive relationship. Listen To Me recently screened at the BAFTA recognised London Short Film Festival in January and Bristol Film Festival in March.

* Pedigree (Dir. Ani Laurie): In the city of London, Alex Powell is a successful 30-something banker running away from his past. When an injured young woman arrives at his front door his world spirals out of control.

* An Arms Length (Dir. Max Weiland): Leonard (Jamie Goldberg) is trapped between his yearning for freedom and his deep tie to his mother (Alexis Zegerman).  An Arm’s Length is a dark and unsettling British comedy about a Jewish mother’s relationship with her son. Steeped in the traditions of Jewish humour and folklore the surreal finale becomes a metaphor for the cliché of the castrating mother.

* Prey (Dir. Sunny King): A young woman, after a night out, is stalked by a psychopath in a car park. Prey is an Alfred Hitchcock-inspired film filled with suspense and horror. The film features Africa and Britain’s brightest stars Weruche Opia, OC Ukeje, Steve Mace, Yvonne Hays and Azizat Saadiq. Prey is directed and executive produced by Sunny King.

Tickets: https://pushedtotheedge.eventbrite.co.uk