The Shepherd: John Travolta’s Aerial Adventure in Disney’s Latest Short Film

The Shepherd

Disney’s upcoming short film, The Shepherd is set to capture audiences with its unique blend of aerial adventure and Christmas mystique. Directed by Iain Softley, this 38-minute narrative brings to life Frederick Forsyth’s novella, transporting viewers to a snow-bound Northern Europe on a fateful Christmas Eve in 1957.

The story unfolds through the eyes of Freddie Hooke, an RAF pilot played by Ben Radcliffe, known for his roles in CW’s Pandora and Netflix’s Anatomy of a Scandal. As Hooke flies from Germany to England, he encounters complete instrument failure, transforming his journey into a struggle for survival and a series of mysterious encounters.

The film marks a significant turn for John Travolta, who stars as the older pilot, the ‘shepherd’ of the title. This role is a departure from his usual characters and showcases his versatility as an actor. Travolta’s involvement in the film dates back thirty years when he first optioned the novella, envisioning himself as the lead. This long-standing connection adds a layer of passion and dedication to his performance.

The Shepherd

Producer Richard Johns and executive producer Bill Kenwright, both avid fans of Travolta’s work, joined forces with Alfonso Cuaron, a long-term admirer of the story, to bring this project to life. Cuaron’s production expertise, combined with Softley’s directorial vision, promises a film rich in cinematic quality.

The film also benefits from Travolta’s personal passion for aviation, bringing authenticity to his portrayal of a pilot. His diverse filmography and recognition in various international cinema circuits add an intriguing element to this project.

The movie, much like the original story, promises to resonate across generations, offering a blend of suspense, history, and the magic of Christmas. This Disney original short film is not just a cinematic experience but a journey into the heart of a night that changed one pilot’s life forever.

The Shepherd / Official Trailer

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