Big Picture Film Club Launches New Film & TV Platform Cinnect at Cannes Film Festival

Cinnect Launch Event

Big Picture Film Club launched its brand new film & TV marketplace platform on Friday 19th May at the Cannes Film Festival, in an event hosted by Pavillon Afriques.

Cinnect has developed a variety of unique features to reduce friction between content buyers and sellers, with a key aim of promoting the international trade of film & TV content. Users can benefit from such features as a contract creator tool, intuitive content discovery tools and communication capabilities that can allow any project to be uploaded and close on international sales deals all within the platform.

Film & TV Marketplace Platform Cinnect Launches in Cannes

Co-Founder & CEO, Uvrisha Patel said “We are thrilled to bring Cinnect to the international stage at the Cannes Film Festival. Our platform is designed to empower film & TV  content rights holders by providing them with unprecedented opportunities to connect with buyers and expand their reach. Cannes is the perfect setting to demonstrate the power of Cinnect and how it can transform the film licensing landscape.

For more information about the Cinnect platform visit www.cinnect.net.

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Presh Williams

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