Jordan Peele: What’s Next?

Jordan Peele

Jordan Peele is having an incredible run. Starting out with a successful sketch show, before moving into directing. Winning an Oscar for his directing debut and being given control of iconic properties like Candyman and The Twilight Zone. Not many directors would be able to generate hype for their next project with just the title. Peele has certainly made his mark on the industry, with his films doing well amongst critics and audiences, as well as big hits at the box office. With his third feature Nope, currently in cinemas, could his track record provide a clue as to his next film?

As well as directing, Peele has made a name for himself producing under his production company, Monkeypaw Productions. His company has been responsible for many other projects, including the recent Candyman, The Twilight Zone and Spike Lee’s BlackKklansman.

Get Out

Daniel Kaluuya’s performance in Get Out made him a household name, as well as leading the film to huge success (Image Credit: Universal Pictures, 2017)

Peele’s directorial debut propelled him into a household name, alongside its star Daniel Kaluuya. A horror/ thriller focusing on racial tensions, the film follows Chris (Kaluuya) as he meets his white girlfriend’s family. Despite some initial reservations, it turns out Chris has a lot more to be worried about than he first thought. The film was a massive hit, earning over $255 million and becoming the tenth most profitable film of 2017. It was nominated for 3 Academy Awards: Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor for Kaluuya, it won the award for Best Orginal Screenplay. Critics have cited it as one of the best films of the 21st Century, and it has remained in the public conversation, thanks to its themes of racial tension.


Us features a stellar cast led by Lupita Nyong’o (Credit, Universal Pictures 2019)

For his second feature, Peele once again turned to the horror genre. This time leaning fully into the genre as a response to the “genre confusion” of his previous effort. It follows a family who, while on a beach house vacation, are stalked by their doppelgangers. Peele was inspired by an episode of The Twilight Zone and a dark underpass he used to cross as a teenager. Us was also a huge success, bringing in around $255 million and earning praise from critics and audiences, with praise for the direction and Nyong’o’s performance.


Daniel Kaluuya in Nope, written and directed by Jordan Peele.

Branching out into science fiction for his third outing, Peele stated that the title was a reference to the reaction he wanted from audiences. Partly inspired by the Covid-19 lockdowns and barrage of negative news headlines in 2020, it follows two siblings who attempt to capture evidence of a UFO. It opened to positive reviews and around $19.5 million on the first day of release. With some reviews noting the Speilbergian feel. Nope has divided some audiences over its story and is unlikely to do as well as his previous efforts due to cinemas still recovering from the pandemic.

What’s Next?

Peele hasn’t given any hints as to his next film, as it’s likely a few years away. It will probably be horror mixed with another genre, although he could feel like moving away from horror, as Nope feels more like an ode to exploratory science fiction films such as Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Whatever Peele’s next project ends up being, it is likely to have something to say and reflect modern life, and something wholly unique.

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