Five Must-See Documentaries at the 2021 Soho London Independent Film Festival

Knox: The Rob Knox Story

The Soho London Independent Film Festival (SohoLIFF) takes place from Thursday 18th November – Sunday 21st November at 01Zero-One in Soho, London (U.K). In the lead up to the festival we’ve handpicked a selection of must-see Documentary films, check out our list below:

Going Flat (12 mins)

Going Flat

What’s it about? In 2017 Katie Clare took a DNA test revealing a gene mutation. The mutation means she has a 50 to 85 per cent chance of developing breast cancer. We learn Katie’s mother died from breast cancer four years after being diagnosed at 39 — Katie’s current age. Shocked that the recommended treatment is to have her breast and ovaries removed, Katie’s initial thought is to do nothing. As the risks Katie faces dawn upon her, she quickly decides to go with the harsh recommended treatment.

Why you should watch it: All of our lives are likely to be touched by cancer, either through our own diagnosis or through knowing a friend or a family member who has had it. Although only 12 minutes, Katie’s openness throughout the documentary is truly remarkable. Her ability to articulate how her experience will surely be of help to many who are going through a similar expeirence.

Paint & Plastic (29 mins)

What’s it about? Paint & Plastic explores the big world of miniature painting and the impact it’s had on the lives of those in it.

Why you should watch it: Paint & Plastic is a fascinating deep look at the passion & skill that goes into bringing to life figurines through miniature painting. The documentary touches on broader questions around what makes something an artform. An easily acessible documentary, yet deeply enjoyable.

Man Up (14 mins)

Man Up (Official Trailer)

What’s it about? A short animated documentary that explores five young male university students’ experiences with mental health issues. The young men open up and share their own issues in the hopes to encourage other men to feel safe doing the same.

Why you should watch it: 1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem every year, with this impacting Gen Z even further. The documentary finds a great balance between being acessible for all audiences whilst tackling a complex issue; whilst not downplaying its impact. The use of animation is brilliant and serves a a great educational tool to help amplify the perspectives of the students.

Black Creative (57 minutes)

Black Creative (Official Trailer)

What’s it about? What is it like to be black in the predominantly white UK advertising industry? Several leading Black figures discuss their experience of race, diversity and representation and why the industry needs to change.

Why you should watch it: A key strength of this documentary really is in the range of perspective from black people within the advertising industry, which serves to highlight the central point of creating inclusivity, in all areas of work.

(K)nox: The Rob Knox Story (51 minutes)

(K)nox: The Rob Knox Story (Official Trailer)

What’s it about? 18-year-old Rob is out celebrating his big break in Harry Potter when he learns that his little brother has been threatened at knife point. He and his friends rush to disarm the man but during the struggle, Rob is stabbed several times and is killed. Now his family must try to navigate their grief and anger while under the ever-watchful eye of the invasive British media machine.

Why you should watch it: Despite the nature of the documentary, it has been handled with great care – the direct involvement of the family have helped to shape this documentary into a fitting tale about a young actor taken far too soon. It is also great to see how the family took the tragedy and brought about positive change in Rob’s honor. Check out our full panel discussion with the cast & crew.

If you liked these films check out the rest of the film selection by clicking the link above and seeing the full programme for the Soho London Independent Film Festival.

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