Odeon & Big Picture Film Club Presents: Babylon (1980)


Originally released in 1980 (and given an X rating at the time) we are happy to announce we are teaming up with Odeon cinemas to re-release British cult-classic Babylon in select cinemas across the U.K for release in celebration of Windrush Day on Wednesday 22nd June.

About Babylon

“Babylon follows the story of David, a working-class musician and black man in South West London. By day he works as a mechanic, at night David is a Mic controller at a local dance hall. The film centres around the racial divide of London in the 80s, the lack of opportunities available to black people and poverty. David loses his job, gets beaten up and charged by the police, forcing him to go on the run.”

Babylon (1980) – Official U.S Trailer

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Presh Williams

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