Nuakai Aru Discusses Documentary Filmmaking, Muay Thai & African History.

Nuakai Aru Podcast - Big Picture Film Club

Nuakai Aru is a documentary filmmaker, Muay Thai teacher (Kru), actor and model. His latest film Warrior Spirit: Forged In The Fires of Muay Thai is a documentary film about the amazing martial art known as Muay Thai or Thai Boxing – often referred to as the science of 8 limbs, 9 elements. Muay Thai itself originated in Thailand yet because of its popularity has spread around the globe becoming recognised as one of the world most effective fighting systems.

Warrior Spirit: Forged In The Fires of Muay Thai is available now on Amazon Prime.

Check out Muay Thai Masters Academy: www.muaythaimastersacademy.com

Watch the full interview below

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