Fried: A Gritty & Surrealist Look at Minimum Wage Life in London


Fried is a four part mini-series set in London. A nihilistic, psychological thriller with dark comedic elements. It follows the lives of two minimum wage workers – Robert Pearson, played by Richard Goss and Dave Turral played by Jake Mcdaid – struggling to cope with their micro-managing supervisor, an unsympathetic therapist and mundane, failing lives in the capital. Exploring themes of poverty, mental illness, addiction and revenge, we watch them spiral violently out of control, descending into a labyrinth of madness, blood and destruction.

Originally written as a 2 minute scene for his show reel, Fried was born out of the frustrations of lead actor, writer and producer Richard Goss. After a final conversation with his then agent at the time, who advised him to think about an alternative career, and more determined than ever to carve his own path, he began to write a short scene based on his own experiences of working and living in London.

The series explores themes of poverty, mental illness, addiction, and revenge and takes inspiration from cult films such as American Psycho, Filth, Withnail & I, and Fight Club, as well as literary classics like Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky, Orwell’s Down and Out in Paris and London, and Beckett’s Waiting for Godot. This eclectic mix of influences lends the series a unique style that combines the nihilistic, psychological thriller aspects with dark comedy, creating a distinct and engaging viewing experience.

Fried - "Robert Pearson", played by Richard Goss (left) and "Dave Turral" played by Jake Mcdaid (right)
“Robert Pearson”, played by Richard Goss (left) and “Dave Turral” played by Jake Mcdaid (right)

Goss’ passion for the project is evident in his determination to bring Fried to life, even with a budget of just £2,000 from personal savings. By utilising industry contacts, crew members, and friends, Goss was able to assemble a team and begin production. This DIY approach, coupled with the challenges of filming during the Covid-19 pandemic, makes Fried a testament to the power of determination, imagination, and resourcefulness in the world of independent filmmaking.

Speaking to Big Picture Film Club exclusively, the show’s creator, Richard Goss shared his hopes for Fried:

“It was important for me to try something different. So much of the independent British film industry is made up of low budget horror and low budget gangster films. I wanted to write something that harkens back to cult classics like ‘WITHNAIL & I’ and ‘FILTH’, as well as one of my favourite newer films, A24’s ‘THE LIGHTHOUSE’; to write and produce something engaging, funny and disturbing – prioritising dialogue over action whilst depicting the grim, mundane reality of working minimum wage jobs in London.”

“Having four short, 7-10 minute episodes, is a bit of an experiment to see if this format of storytelling is both interesting and viable in the current age of Instagram reels and TikTok videos so I’m excited to see how it plays out.”

– Richard Goss, Creator
Fried (Official Trailer)

Fried is currently playing at film festivals and will be released later this year online.

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