Amazon Prime Video Streaming Tips for Subscribers in 2021

Amazon Prime TV
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Following in the footsteps of Netflix that created the first online streaming service in 2007, several other companies have joined in on the business, building a reputation for themselves in the process.

Amazon is one of those companies, adding Amazon Prime Video to the list of subsidiaries under Amazon Inc. in 2008. In the last 12 years of its existence, the service has enjoyed massive success, generating billions for Amazon in revenue from as many as 175 million worldwide subscribers.

Among the many popular streaming services available today, Amazon Prime Video is notably known for having the best original content on its platform. But, other than the content value it provides, the service also has a couple of handy features available for the active subscriber’s convenience.

The following are tips on how to maximize those features to allow you to get the most out of your subscription at no additional cost to you:

Tips for Users of Amazon Streaming 

  • Download – this feature is familiar to most services as it is proven to be very useful. Most users have employed the feature to save a lot of video content to be viewed later. It is convenient when a strong internet connection may not be available later – like in transit.
  • Customising Subtitles – the subtitle feature can be toggled on and off, depending on user preference. For those who prefer to stream with subtitles active, Amazon Prime Video offers users the freedom to customize it to size, font, and colour, depending on preference.
  • Extensions – Although it is only available on the web browser versions and not the apps, users can add extensions like rotten tomatoes for Amazon Prime Video.  These extensions from rating sites display the rating of the content before the user watches so they can filter through lowly-rated content.
  • Parental Control – For users who intend to share login details of the account with kids, the service allows the parents or guardians to set parental control on the account profile, preventing the child from viewing age-inappropriate content.  Depending on your package, you can have as many as six active profiles to set up and customize according to user preference.
  • Firestick – An Android-based device running on a modified Android OS that can access the Amazon store, including Amazon Prime Video. With this device, you can access your Amazon Prime from anywhere in the world and enjoy streaming benefits as well. Consider using a VPN for Firestick for privacy and security, or if you want to avoid ISP throttling.


Amazon Prime Video is one of the most successful streaming services globally, gathering rights from TV companies worldwide to provide more options for their viewers. Known for the quality in their services, Amazon extends the same feature to their streaming platform, providing several options for their customers to enjoy premium entertainment. 

The above tips should help you maximize your subscription benefits and have a better overall streaming experience for active Amazon Prime Video subscribers.

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