Patagonia’s Latest Documentary “Run To The Source” Explores The River Thames Like Never Before.

Run To The Source - Patagonia

Whilst Patagonia may best be known for their outdoor wear, the clothing brand has commissioned a number of impressive documentaries over the last few years exploring themes that relate to wildlife and nature. The latest of which sees endurance runner, Martin Johnson, embarking on his most challenging run, as he explores the connection between Black British history and the River Thames.

Martin attempts to set a new fastest known time on the 184-mile Thames Path—running from the Thames Barrier in London to the source of the river in the Cotswolds. What starts as a gruelling and ambitious record-breaking attempt turns into a journey of discovery. He learns both about himself and the entangled history between Black people and the river. Martin hopes his run will encourage more diversity in the sport of trail running and inspire others to get out beyond the city and run.

We spoke with the film’s director, Matt Kay, about what he hoped people would take away from the film.

I think MJ is hugely inspirational and so hopefully from the film you can appreciate the physical toll it takes but also the reasons as to why MJ wants to do the run in the first place. When people think of the Thames they often think about how iconic it is as a river or the sites along the banks. I’d like the film to inspire people to think a little deeper about the history of the river and what connections it has to London besides the opening of Eastenders! 

– Matt Kay, Director

Watch the full documentary on Patagonia’s YouTube page below

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