If You Mix “The Office”, “Office Space” & “Fight Club” You Get Surrealist Comedy “All Sorts”

All Sorts Movie

All Sorts is a quirky comedy about a lonely data entry clerk who finds love in the surreal world of championship folder filing.

Having premiered at the 2021 Raindance Film Festival in the U.K, surreal comedy, All Sorts is now available on VOD.

All Sorts // Credit: Vibrant Penguin

About All Sorts

All Sorts tells the story of Diego, played by Eli Vargas (You, Me and Dupree, Arrested Development), a lonely data entry clerk desperate for a job, excitement, and even love. New on the job at a strange company, where paperclips come to life, employees literally get lost inside filing cabinets, and the boss accidentally fires himself, he meets an incredibly fast folder filer named June, played by Korean actress Greena Park (The Comedown, Family from Tang). Together, the two embark on a wildly unexpected office adventure that takes them deep into the underground world of championship folder filing.​ “This isn’t just a movie for lovers of off-beat office comedies,” said Producer Laura Reich.

“The film is a very positive story about love, friendship, and finding magic in a dim, drab place. The aim is to get people to look at their world in a different way.”

– Writer/ Director, J. Rick Castañeda
All Sorts (Official Trailer)

All Sorts is now available worldwide on Video on Demand platforms

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