Gone, But Not Forgotten: The Mysterious Case of Missing Streamed Content

Content Gone From Streaming

In the early days of television, when everything was filmed on huge, cumbersome tapes, it was common for things to be taped over. The BBC infamously junked or taped over lots of old footage, including interviews, live performances and early episodes of Doctor Who. As storage became easier and home media more accessible, these problems seemed solved. With streaming, most tv shows and films can be found somewhere.

Things often move around streaming services, being taken off one only to appear on another later. Daredevil and other MCU shows, despite being produced by Netflix, ended up on Disney+. Recently, however, some projects have just been taken off with no sign of a new home. With no physical releases and no way of watching them legally, these shows and films are practically gone forever. Leaving actors, writers, directors and everyone involved with no evidence of their hard work.

Here is a list of titles that are no longer with us. Removed for various reasons, and with no home in sight.

Willow (2022-23)

 Willow - Disney
Will Willow and his band of heroes ever be seen again? // Credit: Disney, Lucasfilm, 2022

Perhaps one of the most confusing entries on this list. Willow was a sequel series to the 1988 film of the same name, following the wizard as he helps six new heroes. Produced by Lucasfilm, and a sequel to a cult classic, the series was positioned as a big hitter for Disney+. The original film is praised for its special effects and character designs, with the series also being received well. After its first season aired, reports began to emerge that it was cancelled, but showrunner Jon Kasdan (Son of Lawrence) released a statement to clarify in March. The show wasn’t cancelled but wasn’t going into production straight away. However, only two months later, it was announced that the series would be leaving the service, only a few months after it finished

Crater (2023)

“Maybe we can find the film at the bottom of this crater!” (Credit: Disney, 2023)

A Goonies-eque adventure following a group of friends on the moon, going on one last trip to see a crater before one of them moves away. Despite not having a massive budget, it was an excellent showcase of talent from the young actors. Receiving positive reviews, it launched on Diseny+ with little promotion. After being on the service for less than two months, it was removed.

Dollface (2019-2022)

The main cast of Dollface
The main cast of Dollface // Credit: Hulu, 2019

A sitcom focused on a woman who reconnects with her female friends after being dumped by her partner. The show starred Kat Dennings, Brenda Song, Shay Mitchell and Esther Povitsky. While it never set the world alight in terms of reviews, the Margot Robbie produced sitcom had a dedicated fanbase. Its second season premiere, was the 10th most watched original series in the US, moving up to 5th place the week after. A few months after its second season, Hulu confirmed the series was cancelled, with it being removed from the site shortly after.

Rosaline (2022)

Rosaline features a star turn from Kaitlyn Dever, but also great performances from lesser-known talent, like Sean Teale
Rosaline features a star turn from Kaitlyn Dever, but also great performances from lesser-known talent, like Sean Teale // Credit: Hulu, 2022

A throwback to the modern Shakespere adaptations of the early 2000s. Booksmart’s Kaitlyn Dever stars as Rosaline, Romeo’s ex-girlfriend, who he leaves for Juliet. The film features the classic love story from her perspective, as she attempts to break the couple up. The film was well received, with Dever, in particular, being praised. It’s a nice throwback to a type of film that isn’t made very often nowadays. Sadly it was removed from Hulu, and with no physical release, looks to be lost forever.

Y: The Last Man (2021)

Y: The Last Man
The series opened up interesting conversations about gender and society // Credit: FX, 2021

Based on the critically acclaimed comic series of the same name, it follows the fallout of a virus that wipes out all mammals with a Y chromosome, effectively killing off all males, except one. The series built upon the foundations of the comic and explored gender with much more nuance, including trans, intersex and non-binary people, which were talked about much less two decades ago. The series was highly anticipated, due to the comic’s following as well as marketing, but suffered from coming after the real-life Covid-19 pandemic, which ballooned the already large budget. The show was cancelled after airing 7 of its 10 episodes. It was later removed from streaming when Hulu purged content and cancelled shows.

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