Cynthia Kinyera


Cynthia Kinyera is a Communications Specialist and Freelance Writer specialising in lifestyle and wellness. She uses her easy-flowing prose and digital marketing skills to craft engaging high-converting content. Find out more about her work at cynthiawrites.com.

Animated characters of Pocahontas, a brown-skinned Native American woman with long black hair and wearing a traditional dress, and John Smith, a muscular blonde white Englishman in soldier's gear, looking at each other during a confrontation. John, on the left, has a small smile on his face while Pocahontas, on the right, is scowling.

Straying From The Truth: The Historical Facts Disney’s ‘Pocahontas’ Overshadowed

A man and a woman stand speaking to each other in the foreground with a hazy futuristic cityscape in the background.

Love in Space: A Review of ‘Molli and Max in the Future’ [BFI London Film Festival]