Alternative Streaming Platforms To Check Out (Other Than Disney+, Netflix & Amazon Prime)

Alternative Streaming Platforms

The streaming wars are well and truly underway. It seems like everyone has their own streaming service now. But with so many services, how do they stand out? The new must-watch show, Star Wars, 10 minute long episodes? (Ok maybe not that last one)

The good news is that whatever you want to watch, there is probably a dedicated streaming service for it. So if you’re getting a little tired of rewatching The Office or Brooklyn Nine-Nine for the fifteenth time try out one of these other streaming sites to help you through isolation


Host - Horror Film - Shudder
Host, a horror set over computer screens, was perfect for life in 2020

Horror has always been a popular genre, especially on streaming services. Whether it’s for Netflix’s Haunting of Hill House or Blumhouse premiering a series of films exclusively on Prime. While there are plenty of original horrors being made, there are plenty of classics also available. Anyone who loves horror should check out Shudder. Although the UK version only has around 200 titles, it does have ShudderTV, a 24/7 Livestream of its content which replicates the feeling of channel surfing and missing the first few minutes of a film, which is a neat way of discovering your next watch.


MUBI features films from all over the world

While some services are slowly expanding into showcasing International films, MUBI is the place to beat. Showcasing primarily festival darlings, it adds a new film every day, and it’s usally gone 30 days later, the length of an average theatrical run. While this can be frustrating, it does ensure that there is always something to watch. Hosting a huge variety of international, classic and modern films, MUBI is excellent for film fans that want to branch out.

BFI Player

BFI’s content regularly highlights different eras, genres, and cultures

The BFI promotes and preserves filmmaking, so it’s only natural that they would have their own streaming service focused on important and classic films. With curated collections from critics like Mark Kermode and exclusive introductions and retrospectives. BFI also doesn’t actually require you to pay a monthly subscription, instead of letting you just rent a lot of its titles. For those outside the UK, the Criterion Channel is a very similar option.

Shout Factory

What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than with a Mystery Science Theater 3000 marathon?

If all of these are a bit too mainstream or acclaimed for you, then check out Shout Factory. It’s full of the kind of films that have long populated bargain bins. It’s big selling points are the classic Mystery Science Theater collection, with most of the films able to watch for yourself. The other is it’s VHS vault, full of forgotten films that haven’t received modern releases. Shout Factory is full of cult classics such as Ultraman, K9 (The Doctor Who spin-off) and Super Sentai, which was the basis for Power Rangers.

Eros Now

Indian Cinema has something for everyone

For those who prefer Bollywood to Hollywood, Eros Now has 1000’s of Indian hits, as well as originals and one’s exclusive to the site. They have a huge collection of Indian cinema, ranging from the 1950s to today, as well as its own original content. Aside from the films, they also have the soundtracks available for much of its library, so you can listen to the soundtracks or other Indian music via the service.

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