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There’s no denying that despite its flaws Game of Thrones captured the zeitgeist in a way that few shows have. It sparked the imagination of everyone who saw it. And many used their imaginations to create something creator George R. R. Martin wouldn’t approve of, fan films.

So while we wait to see what’s next for the Song of Ice and Fire, here are five GoT fan films that deserve some recognition.

The Wild Wolf

Set before the events of the series, this short centres on Eddard Stark’s brother Brandon and his duel with Peytr Baelish for Catelyn Tully’s affections.

The Wild Wolf is undoubtedly impressive. The costumes and presentation look almost exactly like the show and the central duel has stellar choreography. But the film’s greatest strength is its main characters, Brandon (Shane Gibson) and Peytr (Curtis Worrell).

Unlike Eddard, Brandon is cocky and self-assured, but his reluctance to jump straight to violence and Gibson’s charm makes him likable and believable as a Stark. And despite knowing Peytr will eventually become a power-hungry schemer, Worrell makes him relatable as an idealist fighting for his true love. His dreams just vastly outweigh his capabilities, remaining true to one of Martin’s primary themes. Most people aren’t wholly good or evil, but somewhere in between.

The Wild Wolf (Short Film)

A Northern Story Episode 3: Blood and Milk

Wendrik Cassel is journeying home to Wolf Hall after the infamous red wedding. When he stops at a tavern and sees Bolton men taking a barmaid hostage, Wendrik must ask if he’s willing to forget what’s left of his honour for a quiet life?

Despite awkward fight choreography and a cheesy ending, Blood and Milk redeems itself by building a tense atmosphere through dialogue and the actor’s performances. The character of Wendrik Cassel is incredibly engaging as one of Westeros’ last good men, and the dialogue oozes with tension and wit.

A Northern Story (Short Film)

Game of Hyrule

The sole parody on the list, Game of Hyrule uses the conceit of a “previously on” segment to recap iconic moments from the Legend of Zelda games. But with a Game of Thrones-esque makeover. Meaning Hyrule has more sex, scheming, backstabbing and murder than ever before.

The hilarity of taking the iconography from the mostly child-friendly Legend of Zelda series and making it over to look like Game of Thrones is pure comedic genius. And it’s all done with loving attention to detail. Any gaming fan will definitely get a laugh from this one.

Game of Hyrule (Short Fim)

The Red Letter

Taking place before the red wedding, Dawn (A Frey servant) attempts to ferry an important letter to Leland (a Tully soldier). However, Walda Frey and her soldiers aren’t about to let that happen.

One thing absent from many GoT fan films is the show’s trademark unpredictability. But The Red Letter captures that perfectly. From the start, we’re thrown into a dire situation as Leland is ambushed by Frey soldiers and an unarmed Dawn tries to escape Walda Frey. Instantly we’re hooked and we’re never sure what the outcome will be. The fight choreography is incredible (despite some wobbly props). And there’s a great amount of personality injected in the limited dialogue. A thrilling watch that packs a punch.

The Red Letter (Short Film)

A Tale of Benjen Stark

Did you ever wonder what happened to Benjen Stark, during his journey beyond the wall? This short answers that question.

While returning from ranging Benjen discovers two survivors from a bloody attack on a wildling camp. As he tries to discover what happened the dead start to rise, attacking him and the survivors.

A Tale of Benjen Stark is a great amalgamation of the previous entries’ best elements. Combining The Red Letter’s great writing and fight choreography, Blood and Milk’s tense atmosphere, the Wild Wolf’s incredible acting, casting, and production design, Game of Hyrule’s attention to detail and each films affection for the source material with inventive camerawork, great music, and effective special effects. Creating a tale which for me deserves to be considered canon to the show.

A Tale of Benjen Stark (Short Film)

So for everyone still craving more Game of Thrones give these films a watch and make sure to mention any great GoT fan films we missed. For the night is dark and full of fan films.

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